Whether we design a chair or an entire home, our goal is to meet our clients’ needs, offering an authentic, functional product that inspires a serene & balanced lifestyle.Attention to details and the integration of traditional techniques & advanced technologies are the top priorities that bring about a special and authentic product. Good design doesn’t just look good, but has to survive the test of time and is suited to the environmental challenges posed in this region of Mexico.



All of our construction projects are defined by our approach of creating buildings that not only look beautiful, but are well built and functional. Every project is a new challenge with unique circumstances.

In every stage of each project, our ambitious team seeks to meet the needs of our clients, orchestrating cost & time efficiency as well as quality in a tangible architectural product.

Our commitment is to exceed in everything we do, working with honesty and integrity, as well as valuing our customers’ time.



Nalum Private Retreats’ portfolio is made up of an exclusive selection of unique and fully-staffed private villas marked by great food, seamless service, effortless living and breathtaking settings of nature. Our secluded oceanfront Villas are designed to create a personalized guest experience, offering the best comfort whilst remaining true to the company’s standards of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

At Nalum Private Retreats, hospitality is our priority as we invite our guests to unwind and disconnect from the outside world and simply enjoy the warm, welcoming surroundings. We create exceptional moments through customized service, chic accommodations, delicious food and attention to details.

We offer two types of services depending on the property:

Full Board Service

Staff of 5, providing a personal Villa Concierge, Cook, Waiter, Gardener and Housekeeper to take care of special requests and guarantee for an effortless villa stay. We personalize the menus to your taste. This is the ultimate experience!

Basic Service

Includes the rental of the property with daily cleaning and a basic pre-stock list.